Professional Hand Car Wash and Detailing Services in Red Deer

We are equipped to provide a top quality cleaning on your vehicle in our shop. We service all Central Alberta with our Complete Mobile Auto Detailing Service Van.

Get cleaner and shinier cars today!

Keep your car looking brand new

Our experts focus on every aspect of polishing and washing the car. Our crew works with the standard of the services.


Latest Car Washing Techniques

With the latest car wash equipment and techniques. Using high quality shampoos, we will give your car the finest look that will ensure it stands out in the crowd.


Years Of Experience

Our experienced workers make sure in sustaining the standard result necessary from an Expert Detailer.

No Job Too Big Or Small

We manage entire work details and our prestigious consumers like regular suggestions and plans for services.

Interior Detailing

Ensuring that every aspect of the car interior and is clean and shiny. Every spot will probably be cleaned with expert detailing products by our skilled detailers. When you enter in your car or truck will be like entering into a palace just after our interior car detailing services.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior car detailing isn’t just about creating the car look fantastic from outside, which it undoubtedly does, it’s also regarding keeping your car’s worth. We will assist your vehicle to remain in a fit condition and make it much superior when you choose to market it.

Protection Coatings

We possess numerous different buffing/polishing machines alongside superior quality buffing pads and cutting compounds to take proper care of scratch and swirl remover & oxidization you may get from car parks to be able to achieve a mirror finish for your car.


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